We were having issues with our Takagi Tankless Water Heater. Adam was extremely knowledgeable about Takagi on the phone so we hired him. He did a great job getting the repair done at a very reasonable price. While he was at my house I asked him to do a few random plumbing fixes we’ve had for a while and he handled everything with ease.
He’s my new go-to plumber. “
-Eva D.

“Adam is hands down the best man for the job. I’ve used him to repipe a few of my rental properties as well as basic drain service or simple plumbing side jobs. Every tenant that has met him has called me immediately afterwards to express how professional and knowledgeable he was about the job.  He gets in, gets it done, all the while very polite and cleans up afterwards. For the repipe projects, he pulls out the old rusty galvanized pipe rather than just leave it under the house for the next guy.  All copper is layed out, soldered, and strapped much better than the jobs of any of the previous plumbers I’ve hired in the past. Cost wise, he is very reasonable and can get out to your site right away.  He’s done such a great job on the properties that I manage, that he is now my go-to man for my own home.  Call him first, and you won’t need anybody else.  Ever.”

-Chris H.

“So glad I tried good guys plumbing with our water heater issue, Adam took care to call GE and also follow up with them as promptly as possible, he made the process is so bearable for client in a messy situation. Highly professional. Will definitely hire them again…”

-Bin H.

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